Our Bikes

We’ve selected a range of top quality bikes from two globally respected brands
Specialized and Canyon.

Our range has been selected to cover most road cycling needs and have been configured/adapted to the unique conditions we have here in Lanzarote.

We love our bikes and make every effort to ensure they remain in top class working order. Every bike is safety checked, functionally checked, cleaned and lubricated before every hire.

To ensure you get the bike that most closely matches your needs, take a look at our bikes by clicking the buttons below.

Then, cross refer your choice of bike with available sizes using the sizing guide, and price list before booking.


NB – All our bikes are for “road only” cycling applications and are ONLY for riding on properly made, hard-surface roads where the wheels remain in permanent contact with the ground.
In addition, the maximum permissible overall weight (comprising rider, accessories and bicycle) must not exceed 110 kg in order to comply with manufacturer’s specifications.