Sizing Guide

We know that bikes differ in geometry and size depending on model and manufacturer, so please use these tables to help us identify the best size for you. Not sure which bike will suit you best? Check the Our bikes page first.

As a general rule, if you are at the top of one size and  the bottom of another, the smaller size is likely to feel better if you are a regular road-racer or triathlete. Conversely, if you are more of a tourer or a novice, the  higher head position of a larger size may feel  more comfortable for you.

Quick set up:

At Revolution, we have developed a quick and easy way to ensure our bikes will fit as closely as possible to the bike you have at home.

We’ve been using this proprietary  method with success for many years.

Just take take 3 measurements off your own bike (in cm) and we’ll make sure your bike is set up for a comfortable fit before you arrive.

Quick bike set up