How to book

Booking is easy. Follow the steps below.

1 – Select the type of bike that matches your needs by browsing through Our bikes
For more detail, check against the models listed in our Race bikes  Endurance bikes or Flat bar bikes pages.

2 – Take a look at our Sizing guide, cross-referring your bike choice against available frame sizes and your height.
If in any doubt, take three measurements from your own bike, using the sizing diagram and include it in your enquiry form, we’ll recommend the best bike type/frame size based on those measurements.

3 – Check our Pricelist to determine the number of days you require and whether you need any options or extras.

4 – Complete the Enquiry form, giving as much detail as you can, and we’ll get back to you (usually well within 24hrs) to confirm your requirements, costs and availability.
We look forward to hearing from you.